The 5 Most Famous Psychics You Should Know

There are a huge amount of different psychics throughout the world, most of whom offer great abilities to all their clients. Some psychics, however, are truly extraordinary, and rise to prominence thanks to their remarkable skills. They gain worldwide attention and start to work with the rich and famous. These are the psychics who are admired by every other psychic in the world, the ones who other psychics learn from and use to perfect their own skills. They are also the psychics you should have heard of, so you can watch them on TV, buy their DVDs or even visit them in person for the most amazing psychic experience…


John Holland

John Holland is a British psychic and is best known for presenting the TV series Psychic History. He isn’t just a TV presenter though, as he is a graduate from the world famous Arthur Findlay College for Psychics and Mediums in the UK – a college that has gained fame for producing some of the most well-rounded and skilled psychics in the world. While he does do psychic shows, his real skill lies in creating books and training courses about the psychic world, which are recommended to everyone interested in the spiritual world. Find out more by visiting

Michelle Whitedove

Regardless of your opinions on reality TV, the fact that Michelle Whitedove won the first series of America’s Finest Psychic simply can’t be ignored. She beat off competition from some of the best psychics from throughout the country in order to win this coveted prize. She has a number of specific skills and still actively works as a clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient, despite the fact she also has a number of media commitments to deal with – you’ll probably catch her regularly on both TV and radio. You can find out more about her at her website,

John Edward

John Edward is arguably the most famous psychic in the world, a man so popular that he is able to hold international tours and regularly sell out large arenas. His fame come from two different places: his series of incredibly successful books, as well as his regular appearances on TV programs throughout the world. Unlike many psychics, he has also broken into the world of mainstream media, crossing paths with some of the world’s most famous and influential people. Therefore, he has to be thanked for bringing the acceptance of psychics to the wider world. His website is, where you’ll find loads more information on him.

Charmaine Wilson

American readers might not have heard of Charmaine Wilson, but she is massively popular Down Under, having won the first series of the TV show The One. She was also named as the Australian Psychic of the Year, as well as has an incredibly popular show named Spirit Whispers. Many people from around the world also regularly head to her retreats and workshops, plus they buy her popular books. She is also an expert at counselling bereaved parents. Find out more about her by visiting her site at, where you’ll also be able to download one of her popular ebooks.

The Psychic Twins

Sure, there are two of them, but they definitely have to been counted as one psychic, as they always work together. The Psychic Twins are made up of Linda and Terry Jamison, and they shot to prominence after they accurately predicted the 9/11 attacks while on national radio, in front of an audience of 20,000,000 people. When you’re able to make a prediction of this magnitude, you make yourself absolutely impossible to ignore. Since then they have predicted a number of other events, which has further added to their reputation among the psychic world. You can find out more by visiting their incredibly popular site, There you’ll be able to see some examples of the amazing predictions they have made about world events.