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Earth Mandalas
Earth Mandalas
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Click here to tour the collection, 1st of 12 mandalas: Feathers Fire Mandala

How to create mandalas from digital photographs.

Below is a short description of how we create mandalas from a photographs of nature. This is a simplified overview of the process, the actual steps you would take using Photoshop and your computer are a little more complex. We have created a tutorial that will show you, step-by-step, how to create mandalas.

So, if you would like to create mandalas like these yourself, you can now download the New Step-by-step tutorial (clicking on this link will take you to our Step-by-step tutorial master page).

Here is an overview of how we created Andes Mountain Mandala. At the left is the source photograph with the section we used in the mandala outlined in white.

This mandala will have 14 individual sections.

We create a mirror image of the first section and place the two sections together.

Then we copy and rotate the mirrored pair to create the complete image.

Dear Komra,

I was so very much surprised by your kind letter after my comments. You must become hundreds of comments every day (I think your site is worth it). That you took the time and effort to send your kind answer to me, means very much to me.

I know my English is not as good as I would like it to be, but I hope you understand what I am trying to say, so that you know I was not just writing sentimental words, but that I truly ment what I wrote to you and that I was truly touched.

You know why these Mandalas suddenly made a little difference? Because in the first place they are beautiful to look at, and the longer one looks the more impressive they become in colour and shape.

But then I started to open all the pictures and read the explanation how they were made. I saw the pictures of nature that were transformed in these beautiful Mandala's. And then it came all upon me. It showed me what is essential in this life, on this earth....It's the nature in all its performances, all its beautiful ways. No matter if we are ill or worried, in prison, in shelter, in storm or in love....The nature is there for us and this beautiful and eternal "spirit" is for free and for ever! And all these beautiful meanings seemed to be gathered together, concentrated, in your Mandala's.

You know something. I have got this weird thought. When you go to bed at night, look at the stars. And then you will know that you did not live your life in vain, because I'm sure you touched many peoples hearts....and that's what it's all about.....isn't it? It is a beautiful thought for you !

sleep well and thank you,
hugs from Holland (the Netherlands)

Tour Earth Mandalas
Click here to tour the collection, first of twelve mandalas: Feathers Fire Mandala